Disco Plants @ The Rose Room, Venice Beach, CA - w/ TheBoyWhoCriedFlowers

Dirty Grl X Wildflower Boom Fundraiser - LES, NYC

Water Plants @ The Waterfront - Venice, CA

Matcha Bar @ Panorama Music Festival - NYC

Floral frames with artist ryan keeley - Bowery, NYC

layered escapes with ryan keeley - 50 bowery (photos coming)

The Flower Shop -  NYC

Pop-Up Plants @ Flora. Supporting Pollinator Partnership - Richmond VA

James Murphy & Atrak for Blockchain Event with Ryan Keeley @ Catch NYC (more photos coming)

Nightmare Machine @ The Dream Machine - Williamsburg, New York

Just for fun - san francisco, ca


Live Ivy & Seed Bombs for Kenneth Cole X CFDA - Bowery, NYC

House Cools @ The Rose Room- Venice Beach, CA

Flower Fest with Restless Group and TheBoyWhoCriedFlowers - Venice Beach, CA

Bonnaroo Music Festival - Manchester, TN (see more under crafts)

Wildflower dinner with chef Lily Consuelo Saporta Tagiuri - Venn bushwick

Fundraiser with Audrey Louise Reynolds, cole miller, Pedro Silva and Mur @ Ludlow House- NYC