Gardening Club with Adult Supervision @ Venice Beach, CA

earth day with Free People Seed Packets

Screenshot_20190603-105145~2 (1).png

Wildflowers and Edible Flowers Outside of Lifehouse Tonics @ Los Angeles, CA

National Planting Day - Los Angeles, CA

Frank Body Pop Up @ Sweatshop - Williamsburg, NY

Field Trip for Native Flowers @ Theodore Payne, CA

Walls of Jasmine @ Le Petit Marché, Los Angeles, CA

Wildflowers & Daffodils with Greenpoint Innovations @ PS 318 - Williamsburg, NY

Planting on National Plant a Flower Day with Everybody.World @ The Standard DTLA

Planting Wildflowers at The Bombay Beach Community Center @ Salton Sea, CA


for all the guerilla planting you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled - whether it was us or someone else, at least someone is doing it! :)

Planting Around the Studio @ Maderas Village - Nicaragua

Guerrilla Planting Seed Bombs @ Art Basel - Miami

When planting please use native plants to your region. Please refrain from using harmful pesticides, chemicals and non organic materials/plants. Thank you <3

Please DO use plants that pollinators love or can use as habitats. 

Here is why

Donate to fund more guerilla planting projects, or have us come to you!

Planting with audrey louise reynolds, pedro silva & mur - Bushwick, NY