Wildflower Boom X Greenbelt Native Plant Center Seed Packets

In partnership with Greenbelt Native Plant Center

In partnership with Greenbelt Native Plant Center

what your seed packet contains:



Elymus virginicus - Virginia Wildrye

Eragrostis spectabilis - Purple Lovegrass

Juncus tenuis - Path Rush



Chamaecrista fasciculata - Partridge Pea

Geum canadense - White Avens

Oenothera biennis - Common Evening Primrose

Psuedognaphalium obtusifolium - Rabbit Tobacco

Rudbeckia hirta - Black Eyed Susan

Solidago nemoralis - Old Field Goldenrod

Flowers & Grasses

All of the above <3

We recommend planting these in tree beds, rain gardens, along the roadways, in your garden… the goal is to #plantflowerseverywhere

  • We do this to keep our pollinators happy by creating habitats and rest stops for them and to provide food

  • Planting in tree beds helps to reduce stormwater runoff which leads to more efficient sewage maintenance and less flooding

  • Plants provide oxygen and clean our air

  • They also clean the soil

  • Why wouldn’t you want every tree bed to be filled with life?


Our seeds are currently in germination :) Stay tuned for photos and planting locations

Upcoming group plantings and events:

Seed Bomb Workshop

Group Planting in Bushwick


Median Planting Ocean Parkway

Make your own seed packet blend

Thank you for PLanting ny natives!