Why do we want to plant flowers everywhere?


A) They are beautiful, they smell good, they are colorful... There is too much concrete, plastic, trash around us. WE NEED MORE FLOWERS.. and plants in general

B) The environment (as we should all know by now) is not happy. It is in severely bad shape.

C) Not only do plants make us happier mentally, not only are plants good for us physically, but also spiritually (if you want to go there) .


Maybe you don't like society, maybe you aren't happy , maybe you don't see a future for yourself or others. But REALLY. Why not make a positive impact? And if you already are, SO great, but also, why not plant some flowers too ;)

Why do we need pollinators?

Pollinators are responsible for 1/3 of the food that we eat. Pollinators need flowers, fruits, veggies to thrive. But these plants need to have no pesticides or chemicals, because this kills them. Think organic (I know we have all heard this term by now). I also know that (hopefully) we have all heard of GMO's by now = NO GOOD. Without pollinators we don't have yummy things like strawberries (My favorite), or chocolate (Also my favorite if combined with strawberries), COFFEE (I know that most of you need this).. I can keep going, but lets be real. Also, if we want to help our planet, this is one step (yes there are many others) and thank you for taking them.

Who are the pollinators?

The bees of course! But also, bats, birds, butterflies, beetles, ants, flies, moths.. and even wind.

And we can be friends with the pollinators by helping them out. And in turn we are helping ourselves out.

..To be honest, I think plants and the planet will keep thriving and keep adapting without us, think of the dinosaurs, think of the Ice Age, Earth will keep going. Do we want to keep going? Why not at least make it prettier while we are here. And if you don't care for flowers or plants, well. Then think about the food you eat. Think about the chemicals you use and put into the environment. Think about saying no to plastic when you can. Think about creating. Hugging. Loving.

Actually, I've heard people tell me they don't like flowers. Well. What about your perfume or cologne. What about the smell of those candles. What about as gifts, or as presents. Imagine no flower printed wallpaper (LOVE), or clothing. Think about colored dyes, a lot used to and can still be made by flowers.


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Photo: Broomberg & Chanarin